Chofetz Chaim Torah Center              Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginzberg Shlita, Morah D'Asra

Rabbi Aryeh Zev Ginsberg Shlita
Regular Schedule of Shiurim given by the Rav Shlita
For a full schedule fo the fall/winter shiurim please click here.
 Shiur Day  Time
Daf Yomi  Shabbos 8:15am 
Daf Yomi Sunday  7:15am 
Daf Yomi  Monday & Thursday 5:35am
Daf Yomi Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 5:45am 
Hilchos Aveilus Sunday  8:45-9:30am 
Chovos Halavovos (Sha'ar Habitachon)  Thursday (in the Rav's house)  9:00pm 
Various Topics  Shabbos  After Mincha
Contemporary Issues for Women Every other Wednesday  at the Gerber home 8:30-9:15pm at the Gerber home